Pipeline Recruiting

Pipeline Recruiting

Pipeline recruiting lets you prepare for hires when you anticipate a recurring need over a period of time.

    For example:

  • Staffing a new facility
  • Planning for ongoing attrition in field, service, or sales positions
  • Startup a sales force for a new line of business
  • Evaluate workforce upgrade opportunities

Our Direct Sourcing approach can help you produce many hires at the lowest possible cost-per-hire.

Talent Mapping

Sometimes, you need to gain altitude to see the lay of the land.

Talent Mapping provides the labor market intelligence that informs effective talent strategies. Typical components include:

  • Skill prevalence

    Skill prevalence

  • Title equivalence

    Title equivalence

  • Compensation


  • Geographic concentration

    Geographic concentration

Clients also use Talent Mapping to benchmark their competitive recruiting position in niche areas or for domain experts not covered by broader surveys. This quantitative information can be used in discussions with hiring managers and compensation managers to create recruitment strategies that match market conditions.

We can also provide local or national heat maps of industry sectors or a subset of specialty skills that can inform decisions to build new facilities.

Talent mapping across functional skillsets is often used for identiļ¬cation of diversity opportunities.

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