Guess again – the talent is actually choosing you!

Victoria Mazza January 10, 2019

That's right! So you think that you have actually chosen the talent who agreed to come aboard your company? According to research, today's job market is 90% candidate driven. Be humble - they have actually chosen you and your company for their next adventure in life.

Once I read these statistics, I thought of that old term - history repeats itself. Way way way back in the 1990's when I was trying to hire my staff for an operations group at a well known global custodian/bank good talent was hard to find - or so I thought.

I had several entry level positions available - piece of cake! Well that wasn't the case. I went through at least fifty resumes for each position - nothing. Finally people started referring potential candidates that they knew but were not in banking - never mind custody services. Some were coming from BJ's and others from CVS among other places which were not banks.

Our operations area was getting swamped with paper trades which were quite popular back then and believe it or not are still popular in a "not so good" way today. I brought the candidates in for interviews and all of them just wanted a chance to get into a good company and show what they can do. I took a leap of faith on a few individuals and I'll tell you to this day that I have never regretted the decisions I made back then.

Most if not all of the candidates who got a chance to come aboard were some of the hardest working individuals that I have ever managed. They were reliable, committed and eager to learn. Today a few of them are even Vice Presidents at that same corporation and I couldn't be prouder!

So while you're thinking about where to get your talent in this tight market - think out of the box and trust your judgment.

Vicki Mazza

Victoria Mazza


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