All Linked Up and No Place to Go?

Sue Ferris October 16, 2018
LinkedIn has become a resourceful tool for recruiting talent, it makes us wonder how recruiters survived before it came along in the mid 2000’s.  The ease in which you can put in what you are looking for and receive a list of individuals that might be a fit for your position… sounds like a dream!  As most people within HR and Recruiting have a lot on their plate, it’s an easy stress-free way to reach out to people.
So, you send InMails or connection requests.  Then you wait… and wait… and wait… to see who, if anyone responds.
A few things you may think about while you wait.

What am I going to do if no one responds to my InMail?  Where did those messages go?  Did they go to a personal email account that is not checked?  Did the person even get an alert they have a message?

Think about the last time you did this, how many InMails did you send and how many responses did you get?  Would you say your return is less than 10%?  What about the other 90%, how do you get to them?  Three little words….. CALL THEM DIRECTLY!
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