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Higher education is as ever-changing and competitive as the business world. We help academic organizations graduate to the next level of quality talent.

We’ve helped our clients work on things like:

  • Full time faculty for new Physical Therapy Department
  • Clinical Director for speech-language pathology doctorate program
  • Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs in rural market
  • Online university seeking Deputy Chief of Infrastructure
  • Hire a Major Gifts Officer to fund projects and priorities
  • Vice President skilled in Instructional Design and Curriculum Development  ~~

For more information contact:

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher 954-661-2568
Bryan Frozzitta
Bryan Frozzitta
  • Provost / Associate Provost
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Course / Student Mentor
  • Compliance & Accreditation
  • Marketing / Digital
  • Academic Affairs
  • Faculty
  • Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Program Manager
  • Online Instructor
  • Director
  • Curriculum Development
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Dean
  • Committee Chair
  • President
  • Clinic Directors
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