Our Mission is talent identification. To accomplish this, we have developed methods to recruit and identify Best in Class talent for immediate and future needs. We strive to create a positive brand experience on behalf of our client partners for every contact we make in the marketplace, while treating potential hires with honesty and integrity.

The way of attracting candidates is changing. To continue to hire the best talent, we must look into the competitive marketplace, understand the trends, and develop a recruiting strategy for our current and future recruiting needs. We must get ready for tomorrow today. That’s what our Vision is all about. Client partners use our services to fill current positions and staff-out their longer term “Talent Roadmap.”

We would be pleased to discuss your current requirements in order to propose an appropriate solution for your organization’s hiring needs.

Our values serve as a foundation for our actions and describe how we behave while representing our client partners

  • Collaboration


    Leverage collective knowledge

  • Integrity


    Be real, be honest

  • Accountability


    It is up to us to make it happen

  • Diversity


    As inclusive as any

  • Quality


    What we do, we do well



Michael Gallagher
Managing Partner
Sue Ferris
Director of Research
Bryan Frozzitta
Director of Research

Michael is the company founder and active participant in the daily recruiting projects and overall direction of the company. Prior to starting the firm, he owned a predecessor firm specializing in pharmaceutical technical search.

He has a doctoral degree in biochemistry and was a scientific director for Becton Dickinson and Coulter Immunology earlier in his career.

Since 1994 he has helped hundreds of companies conduct thousands of recruiting projects.

Michael, Sue and Bryan have individually been with the firm for eighteen years or more, and have guided its development and success. As a team, they have consistently delivered outstanding results through service, sales and operational excellence.


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