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Direct Sourcing is a flexible and effective recruiting alternative to traditional contingency and retained search.  It's project focused and fees are based on services provided for an agreed upon number of hours, which the client can extend or reduce during the course of the engagement.


Different support levels can be matched to the specific needs of the project, ranging from name generation to screening prospects to full life cycle recruiting.


Every project uses fresh telephone-verified research into the market sector of interest, providing names, titles, and direct contact information. If the project requires further screening or candidate development, the opportunity can be presented, interest level can be solicited, and the prospect can be scheduled for interview by our client.


Prospects that are escalated to candidates are presented to our client with a resume as well as qualitative and quantitative non-resume information gained from telephone interviews.


The result of every market conversation, both positive and negative in outcome, is provided in intermediate and final report form, representing a comprehensive salary and skill survey of the market, in addition to the primary recruiting objective.


Multiple hires can be made within the scope of a single project without incurring additional fees.  The report itself can be used as a hiring resource, well after the project ends, for additional or related hires.


Mankuta | Gallagher is the largest and oldest service provider in the category, having pioneered this search method in 1994 and continuously refining its implementation.

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